01. Jehovah's Witnesses go door to door, trying to [convert] people to their religion.
02. Francisco Zabiel came to Japan to [convert] people to Christianity in the 16th century.
03. Calvin [converted] many rich Catholics to Protestantism in France.
04. The [conversion] of Eastern European factories into modern facilities since the fall of communism has been an expensive process.
05. An old train line known as the Galloping Goose has been [converted] into a popular cycling path linking Victoria with communities to the north.
06. We've just finished [converting] one of the bedrooms in our house into a playroom for the children.
07. Some of the city's taxis have [converted] from gas to propane in order to reduce costs.
08. Scientist Hans Selye once observed that adopting the right attitude can [convert] a negative stress into a positive one.
09. There is a German proverb which states that revenge [converts] a little right into a great wrong.
10. Margaret Atwood once remarked, "If I were going to [convert] to any religion, I would probably choose Catholicism because it at least has female saints and the Virgin Mary."
11. Penguins have an organ above their eyes that [converts] seawater to fresh water.
12. Nearly the entire production of green olives grown in Italy is [converted] into olive oil.
13. During digestion, the starches and sugars in the food you eat are [converted] to glucose, a sugar that your body uses for energy.
14. Saint Patrick [converted] the Irish to Christianity in the 5th century.
15. We recently [converted] our heating system from oil to natural gas.
16. Windmills [convert] wind power to energy which can be used for electricity.
17. Now that our daughter has grown up and moved away, we're planning on [converting] her bedroom into an office.
18. During the beer-making process, crushed grain is mixed with water, and heated, which allows the starch to be [converted] into sugar.
19. In Portugal, many historic palaces, convents, and castles have been [converted] into tourist accommodations.
20. This sofa can easily be [converted] into a very comfortable double bed for guests.
21. A Chinese proverb advises, "[Convert] great quarrels into small ones, and small ones into nothing."
22. Only plants can [convert] solar energy into chemical energy stored in food.

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